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Stone Types in Nashville

On this page is a list of pages on our site where you can see each of the different stone types in Nashville TN. There may be other types of stone available in our market that is not represented. This simply a list of common types of natural stone products you can find at locations around Nashville. It is possible for suppliers to be out of a given product.

Slate Stone, a grayish mostly flat slate like loose stone product sold by the ton.

Fieldstone, an irregular shaped piece of natural stone worn by weather.

Flagstone, a mostly flat piece of stone used for patios and walls.

Nashville Loose Stone, any gravel or pebble available at local locations.

Crushed Stone, a stone that has been run through a machine and crushed for consistent size.

Mexican River Pebbles/ Mexican Beach Pebbles, a grayish stone that turns glossy when wet also called water feature stone.

Limestone, a stone product dug or blasted from hills and crushed to usable dimensions.

Pea Gravel, a fine small smooth rock used in concrete and for driveways and pathways as a loose material.

Black Lava Rock, Red Lava Rock, a decorative black porous rock used in landscape beds.

Pavers for Patios and Paver Walkways , a concrete product made to look like stone for patios, driveways, and walls.

Boulders large rocks weighing up to 2 tons used in the landscape. Several sizes are available like ( 1 man )  ( 2 man ) ( specimen boulders ).

 Nashville River Rock a rock used for french drains and curtain drains as well as on driveways and in swales. Also called drainage rock.

Other Products related to natural stone:

Nashville Sand, masonry sand used in making patios, walkways, and walls.

Nashville Gravel, crushed limestone in different sizes like ( fines ) or ( 3/4″ ) and when you mix fines and 3/4″ the result is called (crusher run).

Nashville Natural Bench, a bench made of pieces of natural stone whether cut or broken.

Nashville Landscape Rock

any rock used in the landscape.

Granite, Veneers, Block and Brick.

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