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Nashville Pavers

Nashville Pavers for Patios and Paver Walkways

See a photo of pavers below.

Nashville Paver Patio Picture

Photo of pavers with polymeric sand in the joints.

Nashville pavers – what are pavers?

Pavers are made of concrete and using dies along with stamps very natural stonelike looking pavers are made. First an area is dug out, a 4″ layer of gravel is placed and compacted with a plate compacter every 2″, then a layer of sand is laid. Next pavers are placed on the sand and bound by plastic edging with spikes or concrete. The pavers will get polymeric sand in the joints. This type of sand doesn’t wash out or allow weeds to grow for a period of time. Polymeric sand will need to be redone in future years but is an awesome method to control the maintenance aspect of pavers. We have an extensive lineup of Paver products for your patio or walkway:
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Servicing the areas of Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin,  Spring Hill, Nolensville, Smyrna, and Murfreesboro TN with natural stone products.


We have an extensive lineup of Natural Stone products:

Nashville Dry Stack, Nashville Slate Stone, Nashville Fieldstone, Nashville Flagstone, Nashville Loose Stone, Nashville Crushed Stone, Nashville Mexican River Pebbles/ Nashville Mexican Beach Pebbles, Limestone, Pea Gravel, Nashville Black Lava Rock, Nashville Red Lava Rock, Nashville Pavers for Patios and Paver Walkways , Nashville LImestone,
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Other Natural Stone Products: Nashville Stone Bench,
Granite, Vineers, Block and Brick.
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