Natural stone patios increase property value.

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Natural stone patios increase property value.

Nashville Stone Patio, Natural stone patios increase property value.

Natural stone patios increase property value.

Natural Stone Patios Increase Property Value

Natural stone patios increase property value.

Natural stone has organic patterns.

Stonework is beautiful and can add value to your property in monetary terms and in pure enjoyment. The beauty of natural stone is the organic atmosphere it creates, the naturally aged feeling that is soothing and relaxed, reminiscent of old world Europe.

A natural stone patio increases usable space that is lower in maintenance.

Adding a stone patio reduces yard work, with less lawn to mow, added beauty that enhances your natural landscape, and the creation of an outdoor living area to entertain friends and family.

100 to 200% Recovery Value

Landscaping in general, if done tastefully, will always add more value to your property’s worth. Per Money Magazine, landscaping offers an excellent return on your investment and ranks top out of all home improvement categories. American Society of Landscape Architects, in conjunction with Money Magazine, conducted a study and discovered that the recovery value of landscape costs was a gain of 100% to 200% when you sell your home.

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Better chance at selling your home.

Homes with excellent landscaping should sell for 6 to 12% more than comparable homes with so-so landscaping. And the Society of Real Estate Appraisers states that homes with good landscaping will trigger faster sales.
Popular Stone Material Options
Natural stone is readily available, not too expensive, rich in color, and relatively easy to work with because it allows for flexibility with various shapes and sizes.
Some of the more popular types of stone used on patios are flagstone, sandstone, bluestone, and travertine pavers.

Some types of natural stone used in patios.

  • Flagstone is a generic term for thin flat rock and is named from the location of the quarry it comes from. Colors vary from blue grey to pinkish red to green. The colors complement a wide range of other landscaping features. The downside is flagstone can crack so you should apply a sealer.
    Nashville Flagstone Patio Photo, Natural stone patios increase property value.

    Natural stone patios increase property value.

  • Sandstone comes in many different colors from light tans and pinks to reds and dark browns. The White House and U.S. Capitol were built with sandstone. Darker red and brown colored stone are referred to as brownstone. Sandstone is strong, durable, and resists freeze-thaw conditions.
  • Bluestone is a beautiful, natural stone that comes in blue
    ( Pennsylvania Ashlar Photo above ), which offers a more elegant look. Also available in a full range of colors that include blues, tans, and purples that add interest.
    • Travertine, a form of limestone, is rich in color and cool on the feet; it also resists freeze-thaw conditions and is priced in the mid-range.

The thickness of natural stone is important.

Look for stones that are 1½ to 2 inches thick, with a medium density for durability. If you live in a hot climate and you like to walk barefoot, consider a lighter stone, as darker stones can get very hot – something to consider if you’re adding a pool patio.
There’s no doubt a stone patio will give you years of pleasure and when you’re ready to sell your home, the patio might just be the ticket to a faster sale and at asking price!

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