Nashville boulders

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Nashville Boulders

Video below showing boulders.

Nashville Boulder Photos
nashville limestoe type boulder
Boulder on a pallette Nashville area
Large River Rock type boulder
mossy boulders

Nashville grey boulder Nashville Boulders

Weather worn boulders.

Different types of boulders come by and pick yours out.

Pallets of Boulders River Rock type Nashville boulders

River boulders.

What are boulders?

Boulders are large rocks and some of their names come from how they are worn over time. A broken boulder is just that a broken large rock, a river boulder is worn from water and smooth. Flagstone boulders are colorful and many have moss growing on them with a fantastic aged look. Go to our buy stone link to find locations for boulders in the Nashville area. Our suppliers have an extensive lineup boulders.
Nashville boulders made of Limestone, River Rock, or other Stone. Use boulders in the landscape as a focal point or accent. Garden boulders make a great visual statement, nothing says permanence and stability like natural stone boulders on your property. Visit our locations to buy your Boulders.

Boulder sizes.

Boulders come in 1 man size, two man, and specimen. One man boulders are able to be lifted by the average man, two man by the average two men, and specimen boulders which are the largest and hardest to move.

What we want you to do now.

Visit the Buy Stone page to get some.


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